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Meeting Notes 11/12/19

During today’s meeting, we discussed:
– the grapples we faced with the Boo Gram’s fundraiser (only made $40)
– the upcoming Kids Night Out fundraiser on Friday, December 6th
– 2nd quarter dues ($5 to Danielle S. before 12/6/19)

Click below to view the meeting notes from the November 12th meeting.


SNHS Meeting 9/10/19 @ 7:00 AM

There will be a meeting in room 204 on Tuesday, September 9th from 7:00AM – 7:20AM. Being as it is the first meeting of the year, attendance is mandatory.

We will discuss the necessity of SNHS members volunteering to assist at least once after school with Fall Spanish Remediation.

We will also discuss key events for the upcoming year.

Please attend. We look forward to seeing you!